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Why Outsourcing Medical Delivery Services is a Smart Decision

Why Outsourcing Medical Delivery Services is a Smart Decision

Has your business considered outsourcing medical delivery services?

When it comes to the delicate and vital task of transporting any medical specimens between hospitals, laboratories, or private practices, you want to make sure that you are entrusting the job to the most qualified medical courier professionals. Outsourcing medical delivery services is the best way to ensure that your specimens will be handled with care and delivered on time. Your patients won't experience any delays in receiving their results.

outsourcing medical delivery services

Is outsourcing medical specimen transport right for your business?

There are many reasons why outsourcing medical specimen delivery, also known as medical courier services, is a preferred choice within the healthcare field. Perhaps the most important reason to outsource medical deliveries is to ensure that your specimens will be handled with care and delivered on time. Using professionals who understand the importance of specimen integrity and securely handling medical samples is critical for your business operations and patients.

A professional medical delivery specialist will save you time and money. An experienced medical delivery company manages all logistics and planning for transporting your specimens. To ensure correct transportation and delivery of sensitive medical specimens, make sure that you choose a company that has a proven track record of reliability and expertise. Medical courier companies have specially trained staff who take the necessary precautions required by HIPAA. They understand chain-of-custody. They maintain stable, cold temperatures when needed. Excel Courier has a stellar record of client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate high-volume, sensitive, time-critical requests.

outsourcing medical delivery services

The benefits of outsourcing medical delivery services to specialists

When transporting medical specimens, you want to make sure that you are entrusting the job to the most qualified and dependable medical courier professionals. Some of the benefits of outsourcing medical specimen deliveries to highly trained medical couriers include:

  1. Peace of mind knowing that your specimens will be handled with care and follow the healthcare industry's protocols for handling specimens
  2. Reliable and on-time delivery no matter the time of pickup or the delivery location
  3. Cost-effectiveness compared to hiring in-house staff, insuring vehicles, and paying for the maintenance and upkeep
  4. Access to a team of experts who have years of experience in transporting medical specimens from standard blood draws to organs for transplants
  5. Experienced, knowledgeable, HIPAA certified, and Bloodborne Pathogen certified medical couriers who adhere to the highest security standards
  6. Access to the latest technology that supplies transparent delivery information for a thorough chain of custody
  7. Reassurance your medical specimens will be picked up and delivered at any hour.
  8. The ability for you to focus on what matters most—providing quality care to your patients.

With the right medical delivery service partner, you will have access to an entire team of specially trained couriers. They will manage all outgoing specimens, ensuring that your processes are streamlined and efficient.

outsourcing medical delivery services

Finding the best medical delivery service company for your needs

When it comes to finding the right company for your needs, it's essential to do your research. There are several factors you'll want to consider when making your decision, including:

  1. The medical courier's history for delivering medical specimens on time, even for touch requests like pick up after 5 pm and delivery before 5 am
  2. The quality of their courier equipment and vehicles
  3. Their experience in the medical specimen transportation industry
  4. Their level of customer service and support

Asking the right questions and comparing different medical courier and delivery companies ensures that you're making the best decision for your healthcare business.

What to look for when choosing a medical delivery services provider

Here are some key questions to ask any medical delivery service company before hiring them:

  • Do they have the proper equipment to store specimens, including overnight, if needed?
  • Check for any regulations in your area that may apply to transporting medical specimens. Does the medical courier company know how to follow them?
  • Do they have the proper license or certification for handling medical equipment, such as bloodborne pathogens training and hazardous materials training?
  • What type of insurance do they carry?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Does your potential medical specimen delivery provider have references from clients for which they've provided services?
  • What is their policy if an order gets lost or damaged?
  • Are they able to accommodate your needs, such as desired time of delivery and any specific requirements regarding temperature control, such as the ability to transport cryogenic specimens?

outsourcing medical delivery services

Why choose an experienced delivery company with a proven history of success, such as Excel Courier

Choose a service with deep roots in the medical delivery industry to ensure your medical specimens are managed with care every time. With an exceptional on-time delivery record, you can ensure that your samples will be delivered when they should be. Ask Excel Courier's customer service team about our medical delivery metrics. They are outstanding and a testament to the medical delivery services we provide to our clients.

  • Can your medical delivery service ensure prompt and accurate collections? Excel Courier can collect your medical samples efficiently, minimizing delays using state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading processes.
  • Does your medical courier service use thoroughly trained and skilled courier partners? Are they HIPAA certified? Blood Borne Pathogen certified? TSA certified? With Excel Courier, you're getting all of this and more. Your business can trust our team to handle all your medical specimen transportation needs. We know how important accurate and reliable medical specimen delivery is to the entire process. Our professional medical delivery drivers undergo extensive training, which means you will always receive top-quality service from Excel Courier.
  • Does your medical courier adhere to and ensure compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements? Helping medical professionals like yourself with the coordination of medical transportation is what Excel Courier does best. Just ask any of our clients who are always ready to provide references and feedback.
  • Does your medical delivery service follow industry best practices at every step of the process? We believe that providing top-quality service includes following the healthcare industry's best practices in an efficient and streamlined way.
  • Does your medical courier company offer a range of choices when it comes to the management of your medical transportation needs? Excel Courier provides a range of different service options. You can rest assured that Excel Courier will be able to supply the level of service that best fits your medical practice, laboratory, or hospital needs.
  • Is quality control emphasized throughout all stages of pickup and delivery? Quality is an integral part of Excel's business, which is why we only partner with highly trained couriers. By outsourcing your healthcare transportation needs to us, you can rest easy knowing that every medical specimen in your care is in our capable hands.
  • Does your medical delivery service provider offer customized solutions for unique logistical challenges? Our drivers can manage all your transportation needs, from managing specialized equipment like dry ice transport to complex multi-location services.

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There are many reasons why outsourcing medical specimen delivery is an intelligent choice. By entrusting the job to a professional medical courier service, your medical specimens will be managed with care, follow the required chain-of-custody, and be delivered on time. Plus, you'll enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing that your specimens are in safe hands.

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