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Excel Logistics Solutions

Excel specializes in the management of your flow-of goods from origin to end consumer. We’re experts in developing just the right custom supply chain solution to support your business offering with a full suite of services to support your operational requirements. From pick up and warehousing to full inventory management and fulfillment, we look forward to serving you at any of our five facilities that together total more than 100,000 sq. ft.

Excel's Unique Strategies

Generic solutions won't cut it. At Excel Logistics, we go beyond personalized consultations to truly understand your unique challenges. Our experts craft innovative strategies to conquer even the trickiest logistical puzzles.

We break down your project (literally!), providing different approaches to your specific needs. Our dedicated team then rolls up their sleeves and exceeds expectations.

Don't navigate complexity alone. Conquer it with Excel's solutions. Get your personalized quote today!

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Your Solutions

Nationwide Warehousing

At Excel Logistics, we offer end-to-end nationwide solutions. We're equipped with the expertise to scale your network and customize logistics solutions while providing personalized service.

Nationwide Warehousing

Professional Service Teams

When you need skilled individuals to support highly strategic moves within 250 miles of Washington, D.C., Excel Logistics and Professional Service Teams (PSTs) are the solution. 

Inventory Management

Let Excel Logistics serve as your outsourced inventory management provider and feel confident your flow-of-goods will be accounted for in our secure, TSA-approved warehouses.

Warehouse Inventory Management


Excel Logistics provides end-to-end product oversight and inventory management services for warehousing industry clients.



We are here to help businesses manage back-end operations to ensure your material is shipped promptly and transparently.



We'll handle the movement of your goods locally or nationally and efficiently transport shipments to match your security requirements.


Get Your Quote and Start Your Courier Services Today.  To place an order immediately, please call Client Services at (703) 478-0140

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