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The Excel Group of Companies includes Excel Courier, Inc. and Excel Logistics. Our companies provide full-service courier, logistics and warehouse facility services to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Excel Courier Offers Dedicated Delivery Service


Dedicated Delivery Service is available for your business’ recurring on-demand and routine courier needs. Excel Courier’s Dedicated Delivery Service puts you in a better position to efficiently service your clients. When success is measured by the hour you don’t want the stress of your driver calling out sick, not showing up, or if a vehicle breaks down. A dedicated delivery service helps you with those unplanned moments by providing driver(s) as your full-time fleet, as part of your current team, or seasonal backup. Don’t limit your capacity to grow and have the flexibility to increase your delivery capabilities.

Your private, dedicated drivers will understand the full scope of your deliveries and will become an asset to your team. Clients often have said their dedicated driver is considered part of their work family!

Outsourcing your dedicated delivery service allows you to focus on what your business does best and avoid being distracted by non-essential activities.

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Our dedicated support team and knowledgeable drivers are available on a contract basis for your businesses’ recurring and routine courier needs. Please call Client Services at:
(703) 478-0140

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Dedicated Delivery Service Benefits

  • Access to a fleet of cars, vans, and trucks
  • Consistent and Optimized Routed Service
  • Flexible schedule
  • Predictable Deliveries
  • Replaces or Works With Your Fleet
  • Easily add and remove drivers
  • Have a single driver or entire fleet
  • Guaranteed Daily Delivery
  • Improves Delivery Efficiency
  • Cost Effective Delivery

Related Information

Dedicated Delivery Service Eliminates:

  • Employee Health, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance
  • Employee 401k
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Unemployment Insurance (FUTA & SUTA)
  • Overtime Pay
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Annual Insurance Premiums & Liability
  • Decrease in Cash Flow
  • Downtime Costs
  • Vehicle Operating Costs
    • Payments, preventative maintenance, fuel, major repairs
  • Driver Recruiting and Retaining
  • Driver Orientation and Procedure Training
  • High Driver Turnover Rate
  • Hiring Costs
    • Advertising, drug tests, administrative expenses






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