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Same-Day Parts Delivery To Keep Inventory Levels Low and Customer Satisfaction High

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For Wholesalers That Need Help Distributing OEM and Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

With nearly 40 years of experience serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and the greater Mid-Atlantic states, Excel Courier is your trusted partner in 24/7 same-day delivery.

In service parts logistics, timeliness is not just a preference; it's a necessity. Whether you operate as a service parts wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or in logistics, Excel Courier understands the critical importance of delivering parts on time. Downtime means lost revenue and frustrated customers. Our commitment is to provide you with the assurance that we can deliver the critical parts your clients need to keep their operations, vehicles, equipment, and aircraft running with minimal downtime.  

Courier Services We Offer

Dedicated Fleet

At Excel Courier, we provide exclusive support for your operations with sole-sourced drivers and vehicles. Our expert management allows you to focus on your clients while enjoying the benefits of your own fleet. 


Multiple Same-Day Delivery

Choose from premium, 24/7 courier solutions to meet your clients' urgent requirements. Faster parts delivery allows shops to complete more jobs per day. Get parts delivered on the same day, within hours.

Route Optimization

With our knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic region and advanced software, we thoroughly analyze your current routes and provide suggestions to maximize financial gains and enhance client experiences.

Delivery Your Clients Can Count On

  • Reduced Inventory Costs: Keep your clients' stores well-stocked with essential parts. Benefit from efficient deliveries to save on storage costs and avoid overstocking or stockouts. 
  • Scalable Vehicle and Driver Resources: No matter the size or quantity of the parts, Excel Courier's flexible fleet and drivers are ready to adapt to your operations' changing needs, providing seamless support and efficiency.
540x360 Service Parts

Get Your Quote and Start Your Courier Services Today.  To place an order immediately, please call Client Services at (703) 478-0140

Your Tool for Success

At Excel Courier, we believe in empowering wholesalers and retailers to reach new heights of success. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to improve inventory management, boost customer satisfaction, and significantly reduce costs.

When it comes to choosing a same-day courier service, look no further than Excel Courier. With a proven track record of reliability, we are your trusted partner in delivering exceptional results.

Ready to take your auto parts business to the next level? Start a conversation with Excel Courier today and discover how our tailored solutions can meet your unique needs.

540x360 Filtration Service Parts

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