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Medical Delivery

Patient care and research organizations have trusted Excel Courier with their healthcare logistics and medical courier service needs for over 35 years. 

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Medical Courier Services

Excel Courier's Medical Courier Service is dedicated to providing superior care and quality in transporting your sensitive items. Our experienced medical delivery drivers handle everything from medical supplies to biological specimens, pharmaceuticals, temperature-sensitive items, and live animals.

No matter what kind of organization you're with, be it hospitals, labs, pharmacies, life science & research, or logistics, we have the expertise and resources to transport your materials safely and securely.


Medical Service Organizations We Serve

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Featured Medical Courier Services

Medical Delivery Drivers

Over 200 trained medical courier professionals who specialize in quickly and safely delivering important medical materials.

Medical Courier Transport

Our diverse fleet includes cars, cargo vans, transit and sprinter vans, and trucks to transport your medical materials securely and efficiently.

Real-Time Tracking

Transparent visibility regarding your critical deliveries. Track orders and get full delivery reports online. Also equipped with EDI and API for system integrations.

Chain of Custody

Our professionals handle items carefully according to pre-established protocols until they are accepted and signed for by an authorized representative at the delivery destination.

Temperature Control

Specialized temperature-controlled vehicles and equipment to deliver your items in the correct environment safely.

24/7 Client Service Support

Our client services provide customers with delivery support and assistance. We operate 24/7 to ensure your important deliveries arrive safely and on-time.

Trained and Certified

Our internal representatives and medical courier service drivers undergo rigorous annual training to ensure they are adequately equipped to handle your items. This includes HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, and OSHA regulations.

Airport Authorized

Our TSA-Certified drivers ensure any packages requiring airport tender or recovery are in safe and capable hands for their medical delivery requirements.

Dry Ice Replenishment

We offer dry-ice replenishment to maintain the environmental integrity of your materials. With our dry-ice replenishment service, your package is kept at a consistent temperature throughout its transport.


Medical Courier Service: Training And Certifications

  • HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) trained and certified
  • Excel Courier provides medical specialty courier services focusing on the medical community
  • Excel Courier drivers are trained and certified on HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen awareness
  • Excel Medical Courier services are compliant with the following standards: (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030)(DOT 49CFR 171-180) (HIPAA/HITECH)
  • Excel Courier’s Exposure Control Plan is compliant with OSHA’s requirements to promote awareness, administer incidents, and protect drivers and employees from potential exposure
  • Our professional drivers are trained in universal precautions and the proper handling of specimen and medical supplies. They are also equipped as necessary with dry ice, ambient, refrigerated and frozen coolers, and spill kits.



Get Your Quote and Start Your Courier Services Today.  To place an order immediately, please call Client Services at (703) 478-0140

Partner with Excel Courier

With health and quality of life, there’s no time to take chances. Excel Courier is trusted by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, researchers, pharmacies, hospices, blood banks, government agencies, private and specialized practices, and their related professionals. Partner with us for all of your medical delivery services needs.


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  • Dry ice replenishment
  • Live animal transport

Get Your Quote and Start Your Courier Services Today.  To place an order immediately, please call Client Services at (703) 478-0140


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