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Life Sciences

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Transporting Life-Saving Biologics and Devices For The Life Science Community

At Excel Courier, we understand there is no margin for error in healthcare logistics. That's why we are dedicated to providing fast, reliable courier services 24/7/365 that cater to the unique needs of biotechnology, research and development, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medicine, medical device, and medical logistics companies in the Mid-Atlantic. Our specialized courier solutions maintain the integrity of your specimens and align with your mission of saving lives and advancing scientific research.

Specialized Solutions

The Excel Difference

  • TSA-Certified Drivers at IAD, DCA, BWI, RIC, or MDT. Connect with us on Veroot for airport courier services
  • Real-Time Monitoring for full visibility of your shipments
  • Clear Chain of Custody to maintain the integrity of your pharmaceuticals
  • On-Site Refrigerators for overnight storage to ensure product stability
  • Temperature Controlled Vehicles (TCVs) for the safety and integrity of your perishables
  • HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen Certified drivers for the highest level of data safety and confidentiality

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What Our Clients Have To Say:

Mr. Omer's actions went above and beyond the expected duties and significantly mitigated the potential risk of damage to the implants. This proactive approach showcases his dedication to the company's values and his commitment to providing excellent service.
Medical Device Logistics
Excel Courier is extremely responsive and their drivers are professional. The management team is always accessible and eager to provide solutions. Hats off to Chris, Stephanie, and the team for always going above and beyond!
Life Science Logistics
Personal service and attention, couriers have always been reliable. The model very closely aligns with our company model.
Regional Laboratory
I have had the pleasure of working with the Excel Group for over 15+ years. This is an organization that prides itself on providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The mindset of constant improvement and innovation starts at the top of the organization and permeates through all of the different groups that help keep the Excel Group an industry leader in last-mile services
3PL Logistics
...What I appreciate about Excel is that their people care about providing a good service, treat me like a true customer, are always open to trying new things, and are patient when issues arise.
Medical Logistics