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Hospitals & Labs

Medical Courier Services Delivering Critical Supplies And Specimens


For Hospitals and Labs That Need Help Optimizing Their Healthcare Logistics

At Excel Courier, we understand the vital role efficient medical deliveries play in patient care. Our 24/7 dedicated medical courier services are designed to meet the specific needs of hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities.  We deliver the speed, reliability, and expertise you require to keep your operations running smoothly.


Courier Services We Offer

On Demand & Scheduled

Excel Courier offers a wide variety of high-touch, on demand courier solutions for your important time sensitive delivery needs.

Trained & Certified Couriers

200+ drivers and internal personnel are trained and certified in handling HIPAA and bloodborne pathogens. Training is performed annually and conducted by Integrity Medical Courier Training.


Our 24/7/365 support team and knowledgeable drivers are available on a contract basis for your businesses’ recurring and routine courier needs. Talk to us about dedicated courier services.

Signature Capturing

We ensure a strict chain of custody by documenting who handles the material and specimens during the transportation journey. 

Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

Know the exact location of your critical shipments with our GPS-tracked drivers. Receive automated email notifications and use our free online portal to track your shipments.

Temperature Controlled

Excel Courier offers temperature controlled vehicles, courier services and dry ice replenishment.

Simplify Your Medical Deliveries

  • Streamlined Distribution
  • Temperature-Controlled Transport
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Clear Chain of Custody
  • Signature Capturing
  • Dry Ice Replenishment
  • On-Site Refrigerators for Overnight Storage
  • HIPAA Certified Drivers
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Get Your Quote and Start Your Courier Services Today.  To place an order immediately, please call Client Services at (703) 478-0140

Navigating Healthcare Logistics with Precision and Care

At Excel Courier, we recognize the critical nature of healthcare logistics. Our commitment extends to meticulous emergency response planning and real-time monitoring, ensuring the integrity and security of your shipments. Trust Excel Courier for unparalleled precision in hospital & lab courier and logistics solutions.


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