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Celebrate Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2023 with Excel Courier!

Celebrate Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2023 with Excel Courier!

Recognizing the Crucial Role of Medical Laboratory Professionals in Healthcare 

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 23rd – 29th, 2023) celebrates its 48th Medical Lab Professionals who are vital to the healthcare industry.  According to the CDC, it's "an annual celebration to highlight and show appreciation for laboratory professionals. Lab Week is sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and coordinated by 17 national clinical laboratory organizations."

And according to us at Excel Courier, it's a week to recognize all medical laboratory professionals, honor what our medical lab clients do, and spotlight our symbiotic partnerships. Medical laboratories use our courier services to ensure timely delivery of patient samples and test results, making it a crucial relationship in the healthcare system.

This is our 15th year celebrating and we look forward to many more!

Medical laboratory professionals are celebrated because of the critical role they play in the healthcare industry. They are responsible for conducting tests, analyzing results, and providing accurate diagnoses, which are essential for delivering effective treatments to patients.

Without their expertise,  doctors and nurses would not be able to provide optimal care to their patients. That is why Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is celebrated every year to recognize and appreciate their hard work and dedication to their profession.

To All Medical Healthcare Professionals,

Thank you for your contributions and your impact on patient care. At Excel Courier, we understand the significance of your work and are committed to providing reliable courier services to ensure your specimens are delivered on time. We celebrate your talent and express our gratitude for your invaluable service.

Happy Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!!!

Looking for an experienced and reliable Medical Courier Services provider to accommodate your needs?  Please consider Excel Courier.  Need service right away? Get started with a free quote request.


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