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Flower Cold Chain Logistics Make Valentine's Day Roses Possible

Flower Cold Chain Logistics Make Valentine's Day Roses Possible

Oh, Valentine’s Day. For those who celebrate, it’s a day with endless traditions to showcase your affection. Some want to go out, others stay in. One wants chocolate, gifts, and balloons, the other just wants to watch a movie and go to bed early. Some order flowers in advance while others, *cough*,  make the frantic pilgrimage to the local grocery store – and thanks to flower cold chain logistics – many will receive roses and other fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Flower Cold Chain Logistics

A special place in the heart of Valentine’s Day is reserved for roses.  Have you ever wondered how so many roses are available on one day in the middle of Winter?   They seem so simple when displayed beautifully in a vase.   Most would never imagine the complicated journey they make before putting smiles on so many faces.  Those flowers for your honey traverse a complex regimented process that we call flower cold chain logistics.

In general, cold chain logistics is a temperature-controlled supply chain process that monitors and preserves temperature-sensitive material during production, storage, transportation, and distribution.  Roses are very much temperature-sensitive and considered a perishable cargo; as most flowers. Once cut, they require constant temperature control to keep them looking fresh for Valentine’s Day and many other special occasions.

Flower Cold Chain Logistics involves:

  • Refrigerated warehouses while they’re stored
  • Fans for forced air-cooling during sorting or rolling
  • Proper packaging with insulation for the flight (some airports have vacuum coolers)
  • Climate controlled vehicles for regional and local distribution
  • Cold rooms for display


Let’s take off those rose-colored glasses and check out some temperature-sensitive facts about your favorite Valentine accessory.