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The Excel Group of Companies includes Excel Courier, Inc. and Excel Logistics. Our companies provide full-service courier, logistics and warehouse facility services to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Excel Courier Celebrates 30 years of Service! | Excel Courier

Excel Courier Celebrates 30 years of Service! | Excel Courier

Excel Courier Inc.’s humble beginnings started in 1986. This award winning company with an employee tenure average of 15 years, all started with a young entrepreneur, Chris Marchetti. 30 years ago at a mere age of 23 in Los Angeles he stood at a fork in the road; either purchase the courier company his boss was selling or simply call it quits and get another job. Luckily for everyone here at Excel, he decided with the former and brought the company from the west to the east and settled in Herndon, Virginia. However, it was no cake walk.

Excel’s roots started with minimal resources: one ex Green Beret dispatcher, three drivers, one room office, one desk, one phone, one typewriter (yes, that far back) and one mattress in the corner to get sleep when possible. With time and some elbow grease, the company grew and its new recruits gave Excel the ability to cover more ground. They even got a second phone.

There were many obstacles to overcome throughout the years: the technological evolution in the mid 90’s to early 00’s allowing deliveries to occur via email, the financial crisis of 2008, embarrassing holiday parties, Excel survived it all. When passion is what drives a company, obstacles are met with triumph.

Today Excel continues to be a successful business with five offices in the Mid-Atlantic region and has since created an additional company, Excel Logistics, which provides full service warehouse management. Between the two companies, Excel is proud to have 50 dedicated employees and over 85 Independent Contractors who truly are the epitome of what a hard worker is. Excel’s cohesive team brings their A-game to the table every day and provides their customers and coworkers with the utmost respect.

Of course, Excel wouldn’t be celebrating 30 wonderful years in business without the hard work of Christian B. Marchetti. Excel has him to thank for the many friendships that have been formed, hundreds of loyal customers served every day, and the home away from home that has been created here. Also, remember that third driver from the beginning? He is also celebrating 30 years with Excel but has since worked up to lead dispatcher. Congratulations on the 30 year anniversary, Chris Marchetti and John Uno! Cheers to many more!