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3PL: Introducing Nationwide Third-Party Logistics Services

3PL: Introducing Nationwide Third-Party Logistics Services



3PL: Introducing Nationwide Third-Party Logistics Services


In this episode of Chris' Corner Office, Chris and Chris [Patton] talk about what 3PL is and how Excel Courier provides this new third-party service all over the country, from the Northeast, South, and Midwest, to the West. These two have combined logistics experience of nearly 70 years!

If you're looking for creative solutions to your growing network, learn how Excel can support the management and coordination of your warehousing and logistics needs. You won't want to miss what they have to say!

Learn more about 3PL service,



Hi, Chris Marchetti here. I'm the CEO of Excel Courier and Logistics. I've been running this company with the help of a lot of people. For the last 38, 39 years, we've done a lot of different things, we do a lot of high touch,

time critical work, be that delivery, be that warehousing. But we're here today to talk about something new. So I would like to introduce a friend here, Chris, and let you tell him a little bit about himself. So Chris, are there. So I'm Chris Patton. I'm charged with the Business Development here at Excel Courier. I've worked with Chris for on and off for

15 years, at least.

And a few years ago, we brought into a hyperfocus had Excel, the 3PL market the warehousing and distribution service model around here locally in Sterling, where we're headquartered, and our other locations, and then we expanded that out to the, our network around the country. And we're having a lot of fun. 

Right, so Chris came to us, and we actually were next door neighbors in a building. And then I landed an account that Chris's company helped us manage was a real good, good working relationship. And Chris became available. And we were talking. And so he brings something different to the company, different different skill set things he's learned, as you know, you may count on us for courier and warehousing and things like that. But Chris really brought this 3PL service in and that's what we're here to talk about, we have, we're really working on developing our 3PL service. So we want to tell you a little bit about what is 3PL so I mean, you've been doing it more, Chris, you want to tell people what you think what we think we feel is

if you look up 3PL in the in the dictionary on the internet, you'll see all I mean, it is a huge marketplace. And so the 3PL that we're talking about as the management of, of locations around the country for our customers. And so if, for example, we have a customer that is rolling out a product, and they need to have warehouses all around the country, we see that product inventory, it makes sure that they know that it's there, and then systematically deliberate and dependable way. That's really what we're talking about here as far as our 3PL system. here locally.

3PL is on time delivery, just in time delivery, inventory management, could critical parts management, the process of doing that in a in a hyper focused, dependable and, and friendly way. So that so that our customers are kept up to speed on what their inventory looks like, when the items come in, what the transportation of that looks like going to and from the warehouses around the country, all those types of service lines. 

Right, I think you mentioned the hybrid of logistics. So helping you with your supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, as you mentioned, we do, we've done a variety of different types of warehousing things in our past both of us, but really focusing on rolling it out, like you said, supporting clients, as they try to you know, help them scale the growth of their business because they want to, they want you want to roll out but you don't want all that bricks and mortar. So you need somebody. And part of what we bring to this, when you think of it in terms of management is we let you focus on what's important in your business, let us do what we know where your partner will take care of all this stuff will work with with the different locations and manage all those things for you. And that allows you to focus on what your real businesses, so you're not spending a bunch of time bogged down in the kinds of things that we're experts at You can be an expert in your business will be an expert in our business, and we'll support each other. It's a great, great way so.

So Chris, what else do you think about this?

The process of managing the people that we're working with is, is is great. So I've been doing this for for more than half my life. I would I would consider myself an expert in the logistics Business Warehouse Management and I've worked with people all around the country for years and I know the best people to work with in the different markets that that that we that we service and most of those are large, large areas around the country. You know, Dallas Houston, San Diego, LA San Francisco, Seattle, all across the Midwest, Kansas City, St. Louis, all down into into Florida and North and and we do that all out of our hub here in Sterling, Virginia. 

right near the Dulles Airport, and so, when, when selecting the people that we're working with, most of these people I've worked with, like Chris for 15, 20 years. And so I'm not calling a sales guy at the office, I'm calling an owner, and, and we're having conversations about can you handle? And will you handle this customer of ours, the way that we do

and, and we've had real success and in one procuring the customer, and, and finding solutions for them around the country. It's been, it's been fun. Yeah, it's been a it's been a good time. 

You know, it's, it's, uh, if you think about, again, the thing of let us manage this for you, I mean, we're what we really do, and we're bringing people together, just like what we do in our business, we bring together a team of people, that, that you can trust that we trust to make sure that your business is handled properly. And that it's from our, from our internal team, to the external team of people we can bring to you. That's really where the value is, you could go and do this yourself. But why do when I said you can focus on your business and let us focus on what we do? You know, a lot of people, I've been doing this for two thirds of my life. So we both know, a lot of people around the country, you know, we know a lot of different we've done a lot of different things, too. It's not just like we've focused on one type of logistics situation for anything from outsourcing the client's entire warehouse, to helping them with, as you said, receiving of materials that need to be

collected and then released at a certain time. I mean, there's a lot of different things, we do electronics, we do medical stuff, we do a lot of different things. So we're not kind of always like to say, you know, we're, we're big enough to really take care of you but small enough to customize our service. Because what you may find with some of the larger 3PL providers, you kind of have to fit into their mold, right. But we can be more creative. 

So that allows us and we work with you to understand your business, we ask your questions. What do you need? Do you need help with warehousing? Do you need help with inventory? What you what do you what do you want from us, you want us to help you with people. So again, like a lot of stuff we do is one of the big things we're doing is a very high touch situation, we're handling critical equipment, and people are counting on us to make sure that equipments arriving in the right way. There's a lot of lot of detail that goes into that. So really, we're excited about where we're taking Excel on the 3PL, it's kind of a newer focus on our business. And we're still going to continue to do all the great things to do and Courier and our other logistics, because thanks to UPS, Logistics is a great word. You know, it may not be a warehouse, don't even think of that if it's something else, we can help you with whatever your your needs are, and especially if your needs in this case, are growing around the country. 

So one other thing, thinking about what Chris is talking about, you know, we wanted to introduce the 3PL services to the to the marketplace and what we're doing, just so that people aren't finding us on accident, which is really how we've we've gotten the first many customers, right?

It's been almost by accident. Within about a 15 minute conversation, I will know if if we can be if we're a good fit. If we can be we can do it professionally. If we can be cost effective in the process. And and if we'll have fun working together, which is which is important. 

And so if you got any questions at all right, you can find us at You can follow all our socials, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Hopefully, thank you, Casey.

So if you have any questions, right, contact us and reach out to me or Chris, or, or anybody on the team. And we'll get you put in the right direction. 

Right. I think what Chris, that's a good point you brought up is, you know, what we won't do is if we can't do it, right, we won't waste your time and try to figure something out that we can't do. And but we might be able to direct you in another direction, hey, maybe this is a way for you or that's a way for you. But I think what Chris Patton has a good point, it takes a short conversation, ask some questions, understand, and we can determine pretty quickly if we can help you out. And then that's how the partnership begins. And, you know, if we can't help you out, we'll try to give you some direction and hope you keep us in mind for the next project that comes down the road. Right? It might not be this project. Maybe it's the next project. So anyway, thank you for tuning in. 

Appreciate your time today, Chris, thanks for being part of the team and helping us launch this real exciting new chapter next. I was like thank you so much. Thank you

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