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The Excel Group of Companies includes Excel Courier, Inc. and Excel Logistics. Our companies provide full-service courier, logistics and warehouse facility services to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Beau Bowling Celebrates 25 Years With Excel Courier

Beau Bowling Celebrates 25 Years With Excel Courier

Beau Bowling, an Excel Courier & Logistics employee driver, recently celebrated 25 years with Excel. Beau started in 1995 when the company only had a handful of drivers. He cruised around town in an Isuzu truck relying on dispatch, maps and local knowledge to get around. Now there are over 125 drivers with GPS tracking capabilities.

Beau got his start with Excel while he was working for another company. He was doing an over-the-road job to Colorado and during this time, Excel Courier purchased the company he worked for. When he returned the previous owner greeted him and said here’s your new boss (talking about Excel’s CEO, Chris Marchetti). We’ve been working together since and it has been such a wonderful relationship, we’re very grateful to have Beau.

Beau’s been our go-to guy for 25 years. We coin an old Nike advertising phrase around here, “Bo knows”. In this case, Beau knows. We have clients that request him specifically because he’s very knowledgeable and professional. He’s a Class A CDL driver and on any given day can be seen driving our tractor trailers, trucks, vans or cars.

Outside of Excel, Beau likes to hike and hunt all game and loves the beach. He is also a fan of high-speed sports and used to own a 1970 426 Hemi ‘Cuda (only 157 of them were made). Beau was also in the US Army; 1st Air Cavalry and served in Vietnam, earning a bronze star medal. He finished his military career in 1970 as a Sergeant (E-5).

Congratulations Beau!